Common Types of Molds on Drywall

Mold is everywhere. You can find it all around you. However, there is a huge difference between safe exposure to mold and dangerous exposure to mold. Exposure to Bleu cheese is usually safe. On the other hand, it’s dangerous to get exposed to aspergillus.  

If you notice mold growing in your home, you need to tackle the problem as soon as you can to prevent various health complications. This includes respiratory issues, allergies, and much more.  

It’s an even more pressing matter if you notice mold growing on the drywall. If this is the case, you need to check it immediately.  

People usually hire a drywall repair Woodbridge VA company for help when it comes to getting rid of molds.  

Today, we’re going to share with you some common types of molds on drywall.  

Black, Green, or Yellow Mold 

A mold that appears black, green, or yellow can potentially be Aspergillus mold. We breathe these molds every single day without getting ill. This is according to the CDC. Unfortunately, it can be extremely dangerous if you’re exposed to it regularly. This is particularly true for people with poor immune systems or lung issues.  

If you’re one of these individuals, it can lead to aspergillosis. The symptoms usually include sinus inflammation, wheezing, and coughing.  


Green mold is extremely vague since it can be any type of fungus. For those who don’t know, there are tons of species of mold that are green in color. Thus, green mold does not tell you much. However, you still have to remove it right away to avoid issues.  


Oftentimes, you can see pink mold in your kitchen or bathroom. However, it isn’t a type of mold. It’s Serratia marcescens. It is a bacterium. While it isn’t a mold, it still shows health and hygiene problems. Thus, you have to get rid of it right away.  

Black, Brown, Gray, or Olive-Green Mold 

Molds that appear in these colors probably belong to the genus Cladosporium. You can see these types of molds growing outdoors and indoors on items such as damp carpets, insulation, walls, soil, and plant leaves.  

According to the CDC, these molds are most commonly associated with small health issues such as sinus infections, eye irritation, and skin problems.  

However, there are also a couple of cases that they’re known to cause brain infections.  

White, Green, or Blue 

In general, a mold of these colors points to the Penicillium genus. A couple of years ago, this type of mold was utilized to create penicillin. However, it is typically found growing on walls and food today. It can lead to allergies and other respiratory issues.  


If you notice a greenish-black mold on your drywall, it can be Stachybotrys genus. This is typically called “black mold”. If you’re exposed to this type of mold, it can result in severe health issues.  

Black mold typically grows on low-nitrogen and high-cellulose surfaces. This includes lint, dust, paper, gypsum board, and drywall. Thus, if you notice this type of mold, make sure you get rid of it from your drywall 

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