Other Decors You Can Style Your Wall Instead of Frames

Sometimes, it can be easy to determine the style of the interior of a house through decors hung on the wall. A lot of things can be hung on the wall. Although a lot of people think only framed decors look good on the wall, this actually isn’t the case for all. Interior decorators and designers all agree that there are other things you can style your wall with other than framed objects. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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1. Hats

Hats used to be only for the head. But not anymore. They can be for the wall as well. And they’ll now serve two functions. Hats are both functional and fashionable. So why not turn them into a décor and decorate your wall? It’s not the typical way to go but it will definitely be unique. And if you’re after a style that not everyone is copping, then this is a great way to go. For the best effect when doing this look, select caps that are identical in color or shade, or match neutral colors together.

2. Hooks

Yes, you read it right. Now you might be thinking how can some screws make a design statement? Well, you’re having the wrong thought. There are actually a ton of hook options with different styles, shapes, and colors of their own, out in the market today. And they’ll function as what they’re meant to as well. Today’s style and design aesthetics are so modern, that even hooks are not only functional but also a décor themselves.

3. Plates

Common household objects can actually be a style setter. To prove it, plates can be used as wall decors and not just for the table. If you are a plate collector, like most mothers are, you might want to consider hanging them on the wall. They will make for a great focal point. Plate them I mean hang them on the wall and let others know how beautiful your collection is. Fine China, porcelain, bronze, silver or gold-plated ones will be a great statement as an art, a piece of history, or as an interior design. So, display them on the wall instead of keeping them in the cupboard.

4. Juju Hats

Regardless of whether hung individually or in bunches, Juju Hats are definitely a pertinent and colorful style decor on your walls. When wanting to complement a wall with Juju caps, make them as the point of convergence of the wall. They may already be an eye-catcher but they will still compete for attention even if they already have it. If you hang anything else near them, they’ll normally win. For simply this reason you’ll regularly see Juju caps hung independently over a chimney shelf or bunched over a couch – places where they are the center of attention and the only focal point or statement in that area.

For all these wall style tips, you might want to ready your walls. If you need a drywall installed, contact your local experts.

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